Blacoh’s patented SurgeWave™ Transient Monitoring System solves the need for pipeline operators to detect and record transient pressure events occurring in water, wastewater and petroleum pipelines. The system is unique in that it employs a system of dynamic pressure transducers and digital technology to monitor pipelines for indefinite periods of time. When a transient such as a pressure surge, pressure spike or water hammer event is detected, the system activates a high speed data recorder to record the event 100x/second.


  • Actuated Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Pump Control Valves, Air/Vacuum Valves, Check Valves
  • Pump Suction/Discharge, Constant/Variable Speed
  • Back Flow Preventers
  • Surge Vessel and Pulsation Dampener Liquid Level


Designed for locations with cellular service, the DEFENDER is ready to go with hard wired cable connections. All system data is stored on remote cloud servers and can be accessed anytime from anywhere via the Blacoh Surge website or mobile app.

  • Cellular communication to web/mobile app
  • Data stored to cloud servers
  • 2 inputs
  • Hard wired transducer cables
  • Power: 500 mA @ 12 VDC
Pressure transducer
Transducer cable

Cellular antenna
AC adapter

What is Transient Pressure?

Often referred to as “surge” or “water hammer,” a transient pressure is a wave phenomenon that accompanies a rapid change of fluid velocity in a pipeline. It can be caused from a sudden start/stop of pump or the closing of a valve, and is often heard as a large bang in the pipes (water hammer). These pressure variations can be positive or negative and have a magnitude several times the normal or maximum operating pressure, resulting in dangerous system damage if not mitigated or monitored. The duration of the pressure spike can be anywhere from several hundredths of a second to a few minutes. Blacoh’s patented SurgeWave™ Transient Monitoring System makes it possible for a user to capture these pressure fluctuations.