Protect your system from damage. Accurately monitor for water hammer and pressure spikes and be able to react quickly.

Blacoh’s patented SurgeWave™ Transient Monitoring Systems solves the need for pipeline operators to detect and record transient pressure events occurring in water, wastewater and petroleum pipelines. The system is unique in that it employs a system of dynamic pressure transducers and digital technology to monitor pipelines for indefinite periods of time. When a transient such as a pressure surge, pressure spike or water hammer event is detected, the system activates a high speed data recorder to record the event 100x/second.

Often, plant operators do not find out about these dangerous abnormalities until much later when it is too late. With this Blacoh SurgeWave™ Transient Monitoring System installed, it will notify designers, engineers, manufacturers and operators immediately within a few minutes of the event. They can assess pipeline performance, pressure, flow, and pump speed and perform the necessary corrections and maintenance.

Unlike conventional data loggers, SurgeWave’s high speed data collection allow operators to detect any anomalies that would’ve otherwise gone undetected with insufficient recordings. Use SurgeWave to prevent pipe fatigue, breakage and cavitation.

What is Transient Pressure?

Often referred to as “surge” or “water hammer,” a transient pressure is a wave phenomenon that accompanies a rapid change of fluid velocity in a pipeline. It can be caused from a sudden start/stop of pump or the closing of a valve, and is often heard as a large bang in the pipes (water hammer). These pressure variations can be positive or negative and have a magnitude several times the normal or maximum operating pressure, resulting in dangerous system damage if not mitigated or monitored. The duration of the pressure spike can be anywhere from several hundredths of a second to a few minutes. Blacoh’s patented SurgeWave™ Transient Monitoring System makes it possible for a user to capture these pressure fluctuations, address the pressures loads and protect their pipeline systems.


  • - Instantly detect and record transient pressures up to 100 times per second.
  • - Provide graphical analysis of recorded data.
  • - Set the limits of the system’s normal operating pressure.
  • - Receive an email alert within minutes if those boundaries are exceeded.
  • - Alert when any pressure transient is detected.
  • - Daily email summaries of operations.


  • - Portable and easy to install in any pipeline transporting fluid.
  • - Wireless operation via WIFI.
  • - Operate anywhere in the world using QView, QUE, or Internet.
  • - Integration with SCADA systems.
  • - Synchronize with multiple units via GPS for precise timing.
  • - Additional monitoring systems can be linked together to analyze both the intake and discharge side of a pump.


  • - Leaks and ruptures
  • - Faulty or insufficiently placed air valves
  • - Faulty valve actuators
  • - Isolated surge chambers
  • - Faulty or inadequate pumps
  • - Poor pipeline management procedures
  • - Electrical failures
  • - Pulsations and oscillations from unstable pressure


Controller: processes input signals, performs system logic, and stores data

Pressure Transducer: dynamic pressure transducer is capable of eroding both positive and negative pressures

Communications Links: three options between wired LAN link, wireless, or broadband/internet link

Data Analysis Tool: software that generate the graphical displays. Data is transferred in .dat format to a computer.


  • 1) The Blacoh subsea valve monitoring system provides verification of subsea valve closure through patented transient wave analyses.
  • 2) Blacoh water flood pressure monitoring system provides computer surge modeling of  water flood systems and include sizing of Blacoh surge vessels and control valves.
  • 3) Blacoh crude oil pumping transient monitoring system provides pressure surge alarms and help identify pipeline blockage location.  Blacoh's patented SurgeWave™ computer system records changes in wave speed and reflection to locate crude oil pipeline blockage.


Properly Mitigating System Shaking & Water Hammer. Surge analysis software helps protect against hydraulic transient

Performance Guarantees Confirmed Via Proof of Design, Part 1

Performance Guarantees Confirmed Via Proof of Design, Part 2