Pipe Monitoring System

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Comprehensive engineering and technical assistance distinctly establish Blacoh as the industry leader in service and expertise. We work closely with your project or case to provide review and guidance of your detailed system analyses and modeling, ensuring that our surge control solution is precisely what is needed to exceed the demands of the application.

Transient Monitoring

Blacoh's Transient Pressure Monitoring System is strategically designed to monitor pipeline pressure in water pipelines, force main sewer pipelines and petroleum pipelines to provide operators with detailed information about transient pressures, or pressure surges.

Unique to this system, the Blacoh SurgeWave™ Transient Monitoring System has the ability to turn on a high-speed pressure recorder when an event such as a pressure surge, pressure spike or water hammer is detected. This engineering breakthrough allows designers, engineers, manufacturers, and operators the ability to assess the overall performance of a pipeline, pumping plant or petroleum refinery using non-destructive, real-time sensors and hand-held monitoring equipment.

KY Pipe Surge Modeling Software

Features & Benefits

KY Pipe's cutting edge surge Kynetic software measures and models your specific system to provide accurate flow calculations, simulations, and pressure reports. The results arm you with confidence in the execution of your application. The software provides calculated flow to maintain specific required pressures throughout the system and can model liquids with significant changes in density and viscosity.

Animated Maps, Plots & Pipe Profiling

The sophisticated analysis algorithms in transient modeling software provide animated maps, plots and pipe profiling that demonstrate intricate tank and reservoir levels, precise pump speeds, water flow or velocity rates specific to your system and surge devices. Contours and gradient emphasis provide detailed display for pipe and node attributes.

Transient Analysis

Pressure extremes always occur during a period of transient flow where pressure may exceed design limits causing undesirable or even catastrophic events. Transient Modeling Software allows transients to be analyzed accurately and efficiently in large, complex distribution networks to ensure a system’s sanitation and longevity.


  • Pressure, level, flow meters
  • UL CSA Listed Electrical and Instrumentation Control Panels
  • VFD and PLC Driven Pump Control Panels with System Integration
  • Auma Sipos Variable Speed drive control valves to minimize transient pressures
  • 3 stage air/vacuum valves
  • Sizing guidance pump control valves and check valves via fluid transient modeling review
  • Emergency shut-in valves to include computer sizing guidance and testing
  • Comprehensive Transient Analysis Review